Whatever it is that brought you to Emmanuel, you had a journey to get here, and we'd like to help you on your next steps! 


At Emmanuel, we want to introduce the Toledo community to the love, rescue, and purpose given to us in Jesus Christ. Through the word of mouth of our family, influence on media, and community events, we endeavor to shout about our BIG GOD to Toledo and the world. If you're reading this, we'd love to introduce you to our church and help you understand the love and mercy of our great God. As you get to know us better, we hope that you might let us into your life to help you fulfill your purpose through the love and rescue of Jesus Christ. To get started, simply click the links below to find out more about us!
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Worship of the One True God is the primary step in the spiritual formation of a healthy follower of Jesus Christ. At Emmanuel, we see regular worship and participation on Sunday mornings as a crucial part of the spiritual formation of all of the people of God. Our goal is to help you, no matter your age or life circumstance, to grow to a full understanding and passionate embrace of worship through singing, prayer, preaching, communion, baptism, conversation & relationship building. If you'd like to experience what worship looks like at Emmanuel, click one of the links below to check them out.
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Connection with the local body of believers is the next pivotal step in the spiritual formation of a healthy follower of Jesus Christ. Without connection, relationships are surface and integration into the local body is weak. Connection is centered around hospitality and relationship outside of the normal Sunday worship through connection groups.  It includes meals together, conversation, and prayer with the goal of moving people toward next steps. Connection should be one of the easiest introduction points for a new person into Emmanuel. We'd love to get you connected with us at Emmanuel! Simply click the links below to find out how!
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Discipleship is the most crucial step in the spiritual formation of a healthy follower of Jesus Christ and feeds all of the other pieces. It is the formalization of accountability and practical help in the process of fulfilling our purpose as a Christian and becoming like Jesus. Discipleship takes place at Emmanuel through biblical counseling, counseling groups, one-on-one meetings, and Journey groups. We believe the discipleship process is never done, and every member should be seeking to be discipled and to disciple others. If you are interested in allowing someone to invest in you through discipleship, please click the links below to find out more.
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Education is a foundational step in the process of spiritual formation of a healthy follower of Jesus Christ. It is foundational in that there can be no spiritual growth without knowledge of God. As one grows, education will be happening throughout this process and journey, but we believe our learning is never complete. We believe every believer should dedicate time throughout their life for further learning to deepen their understanding and knowledge of God. At Emmanuel, this will happen through Bible studies, classes, events and electives made available throughout the year. Right now, we offer Gospel Project on Sundays for all ages and on Wednesday through our children's ministries. We also offer a youth group for our students and classes and Bible studies like Theology I and Ephesians for adults on Wednesdays. If you'd like to find out more, click the links below.
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Investment is the culminating step in the process of spiritual formation of a healthy follower of Jesus Christ. The natural outflow of a person pursuing God through worship, connection, discipleship, and education is investment in and service to the church, those that have helped and are helping them along in their journey. Investment and service can and will happen as the Lord leads at Emmanuel throughout their spiritual journey at differing times and in differing ways. We have so many of our family at Emmanuel that are serving each and every week to help people like you know more about how they are loved, rescued, and given a purpose in Jesus! If you'd like to learn more about how you can serve at Emmanuel, click the link below.
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