Over the years, there has been a prayer sheet available for pick up each week. The pastors recently decided to change the frequency of the prayer sheet from weekly to monthly.

This DOESN'T mean we have changed how much we value prayer.
This DOES mean we think prayer is important and we want to help people grow in their prayer life.

This DOESN'T mean we are trying to make prayer less personal.
This DOES mean we want our prayers to be God-glorifying, Bible-focused and personal.
This DOES mean we want to encourage people to make personal connections.

The new format of this Monthly prayer sheet includes 5 different sections that are designed to draw our eyes to our sovereign God and not our list of needs. Here is a quote about prayer from the book Compelling Community.

"We evangelicals more easily thank God for things he's done than praise him for who he is.  Thanksgiving, while important, is about God's treatment of us.  Praise is pure response to the magnificence of him."

The design of the prayer sheet is to help us remember God is the Great Redeemer, the Great Physician, the Great Provider & Comforter, the one the church glorifies and the one we need to thank.

God is the Great Redeemer: Psalm 7:10, 68:20; Romans 5:9, 10.  
Pray that God would open the eyes and hearts of these people to the great salvation He has given us in Jesus.
God is the Great Physician:  Psalm 23:4; 119:50.  
Pray that each of these people would find their comfort in Jesus Christ.  If it be God’s will for these people to overcome their physical problems, praise be to God.  If it be God’s will for these people to not overcome their physical problems, praise be to God.
God is the Great Provider & Comforter: Psalm 107:9; 147:8.  
Remember that God is the Great Provider & Comforter.  He is these things because He knows what we truly need.
The Church is to glorify this Great God:  Ephesians 4; 1 Timothy 3:15, 16.  
Pray our pastors, missionaries and our people would glorify God.

Thanks be to God the Father.

Members and regular attenders can get on our prayer update list by contacting the church.

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